Created in 1974 at the instigation of Serge Liotaud, the Coteaux des Baronnies winegrowers' association was gradually built up with the purpose of being the voice of the producers. Standing between the production and the external bodies, the association has become the first link in the chain of consultation. Between 1974 and 2004, much work was carried out by the founding chairman and his team to structure the organisation.

In 2004, it was the turn of Dominique Guillot to take over the reins in order to continue the work already undertaken during the first three decades. He would also strive towards the introduction of the new European statutory regulations (the Specification and the control framework for the new Coteaux des Baronnies IGP, and the creation of the Defence and Management Organisation [ODG]).

Since 2011, Valéry Liotaud, Serge's son, has assumed the role of chairman. Today, a marketing and communication section has been introduced. The production area has structured its vineyard and its techniques in order to perfect the wines it produces. This message must be passed on by means of collective operational promotion initiatives.